Moustached 2.

Once Upon a Time at the Ropewalk, Nottingham.

Photographs taken at our second craft event at the Ropewalk, Nottingham.


Snippets from a Once Upon a Time modeling shoot...

3 Birds pendant necklace.

3 birds pendant necklace, £10.

3 Birds necklaces.

3 birds attached to gold chain, £10.

Birdcage necklaces.

Birdcage attached to gold chain, £6.

Deer badge.

Deer badge with gold antlers, £4.

Moustache badge.

Moustache badge, £4.

Silhouette badge.

Silhouette lady badge, £4.

Cloud badges.

Cloud badges with raindrops dangling from gold chain. Available in pink, turquoise, white or yellow, £5.

Bow necklaces.

Bow necklaces available in white or black on silver or gold chain, £6.

Silhouette Ladies necklaces.

Available on silver or gold chain, £6.



Once Upon a Time took part in Bangers and Fash, here are a few examples of what we make!